Worried About What's Lurking Behind Your Walls?

Residence Doctor Home Inspection, LLC offers Meticulous property inspections in Birmingham, AL

Enjoy added peace of mind knowing the office you just purchased is structurally sound. Avoid getting shortchanged during the closing process because your home is hiding costly damage. Hire Residence Doctor Home Inspection, LLC to make sure every part of your home or workspace is thoroughly inspected.

Our inspector is chosen by numerous buyers, sellers and real estate agents in the Birmingham and Hoover, AL area. Call 205-283-3119 now to schedule your inspection.

Get All the Information You Need with a Home Inspection

Once your property inspection is complete, you'll receive a detailed report within 24 hours. This PDF file will explain all of our findings so you can make an informed buying or selling decision.

Our inspector stays up-to-date on the latest building trends and the most common problems found during an inspection.

Speak with the property inspector at Residence Doctor Home Inspection by calling us right away.

Utilizing vast experience to check your property

Don't make a huge investment only to realize your home or office is filled with problems. That's where Residence Doctor Home Inspection comes in.

Our property inspector has a residential building license and uses that knowledge to check your home or office's features, including the:

Our property inspector starts on the outside of your home or office before moving to the interior. This ensures we never overlook any part of your property.

Get in touch with the inspector at Residence Doctor Home Inspection in Birmingham and Hoover, AL today.

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